Teenage Boys: Do you have a problem with a girl who is slightly overweight?

OK so I'm not massively curvy, and I think I'm cute, I've been told I'm pretty. I do have a boyfriend and some of you may be like wtf are you on here for. Its because I do have a tummy and curves and I'm so scared my boyfriends lying to me about how he sees me. I know men don't like girls like this, but is there really anything wrong with us? If I'm not a slob ( which I'm not) I don't have bo or anything ( I have ocd I shower like 3 times a day no worries there lol) is there really a reason boys can't love me.?


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  • I'm not a teenage boy, but I can tell you that teenage boys have no problems with girls who are slightly overweight. I doubt your boyfriend is lying to you. A few extra pounds is never going to detract a guy. A few pounds overweight is often better than a few pounds underweight. So don't worry about it, just try to stay fit and healthy and you'll be fine :D

  • When my girlfriends weight fluctuates I don't say anything.

    We will never say what we truly think of the subject because you negatively react to a view of reality every time. In reality, we don't care about your weight. We are very social animals and when you negatively react to something multiple times we learn to stop doing it even if it is illogical.

    Men may however be turned off /loss respect by traits that can cause weight problems such as having no self control etc.

    To be concise; Men adopt pre-defined responses because we do not want to be put in a negative situation, not because we judge you about how much you weigh.


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