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I am going on an interview in 3 hours to be a nanny. My duties will include caring for a 19 month old and light housekeeping. How much should I ask her for payment? Also-if you have any other tips, such as dress, manerisms, or whatever-you can throw that in too. Thanks I appreciate it!

ok I think my interview went pretty good. She said she'll pay me $12/hr and wants me to start Feb 12. It's a beautiful house on the water-her husband's a doctor. but there's one thing I'm worried about. When I left another girl came in for an interview!
She said I got the job-do you think she will hire the other girl now?


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  • I would ask for at least $8-10 an hour. Remember its not a taxed job, so you end up making a little more. A 19 month old is hard work, I have a one year old and they are BUSY. As far as dressing I would try to mirror the family you are going to work for. If they are more laid back you can dress more casually, but a nice pair of dress pants and a sweater is a good option. As far as mannerisms, BE YOURSELF! You aren't going to be able to put on a facade the whole time you are working for this family, and they will see right through you. Just be friendly and enthusiastic. Also, don't stress or you will slip up from being nervous. Hope this helps!

    • Well I don't know the family-I haven't met them yet. Only 8-10$ for cleaning someone's house and childcare? I was thinking more of 15-20/hr but I really liked your advice thanks.

    • I was figuring if you consider taxes $10 an hour would be probably close to $13. I would try to get as much as you can, of course but you don't want to go too high. Also, it depends on where you live. Where is live this is about the going rate. Good luck to you though, you will do fine!

  • NO! You got it, you got it. Good for you hun! Congrats.