Opinions on my new tattoo ideas?

I was thinking about getting a new tattoo when I go to Vegas since there are some really great parlors there. I want the design to be on my shoulder and have it go down my arm a bit (not even half-sleeve length though).

My ideas are:

I like the idea of three roses to represent my sisters and I like these... link

I'd get mine with cleaner lines and richer colors though and slightly different placement...



An anchor design with ropes/ribbons going down in and having my sisters names written on them because they are essentially my anchors and they keep me grounded.


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  • Both really nice ideas, filled with meaning. The roses are the much more feminine choice, an anchor kinda screams 'muff diver'. Ultimately, it's your body and it's up to you.

    I'd personally never get a color tat, heard they fade, hurt like a bitch etc. however, I would happily get a tribal tattoo across my shoulder and chest and then maybe one across the centre of my back at the shoulders. Just look so cool, not gonna lie.


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  • i like the placement of where you want the tattoo, if it's going to be kind of on the back of your shoulder/arm: favim.com/orig/201105/07/Favim.com-37312.jpg.

    Honestly I don't like the roses cause of the color, I tend not to like big, colorful tattoos for some reason, I just think it would look more feminine, timeless and nice in black and white, and if it was smaller...i like the idea for the tattoo too.

  • I don't like either of them. So tacky.


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