Dealing with being really small for your age?

OK so I turned 18 in the summer. That's all well and good but I look like I am no older than 15, 16 max. This was no trouble really when I was at school. But now that I am at College it is REALLY bothering me. Nobody takes me seriously and girls just completely ignore me. People tell me 'Oh it will be a blessing in years to come' but that's crap. I'm not depressed in the future I am depressed now.

It's so confidence dashing and I just feel so so so out of place. I have even considered, taking my own life the past few weeks. I go out every week with my friends but it just isn't the same when you are being looked at as if you don't belong there. I'm 5'6 and I would consider myself, that bad looking looks wise. And when I see the nicest of girls going of with the biggest jerks and completely ignoring me all because I look younger than them, It is just so hard. I have tried so so hard to brush it off and even trying to use it to my advantage and It's just to no avail.

Does anyone, please any one have any advice as to what to do here? I just feel like it just isn't worth it anymore.


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  • Okay so! You need to project confidence, work what cha got! When a person walks into a room, you can sense their energy. Also your body language as well. If you send off signals that you think you look like a 15 year old and that you feel left out etc women take all that in. We observe very well lol. Now women have this thing about going out with total jerks. For reasons unknown lol. Some think they can fix them or any of their own personal reasons. You have to put yourself out there. The jerk guys that I know are exploding with confidence it's almost sick ha ha and women love a guy who can take control or who is putting himself out there. Also keep in mind that a lot of women think men should do all the work, so they may not tell you they like you. They could be waiting for you to make the first move.

    I dated the cuttttteeesssttt guy, he had a younger face like how you do people called him baby face or doll face ha ha but it didn't bother me at all.I didn't even think twice. All I knew was that he was cute and a great guy and that was good enough for me. Not every girl is superficial! For me it takes more than looks to make me like a guy. When you let your personality shine you become the whole package. There is more to you than looking young. Hold your head up high and get out there!

    • That is a lot easier said than done. Especially for me because I have serious confidence issues. All because I had looking/feeling like a total idiot! For example, I see guys who can say anything to any girl or act in the most stupid way. And it works! But I just can't bring myself to even try it because I'll feel stupid or because they might laugh at me even trying. You know? I'm not the worst looking guy. I've had some really nice girls before. But all because they got to know me before dating

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    • Sorry for such a late reply! The thing is, your only as good as you make yourself. If you are constantly putting yourself down, then that's all you give people you meet. As soon as you start to nit pick at yourself, stop and change it into something postitive. "Nice...that guy said the dumbest crap I've ever heard and she won't look my way because I look to young" That needs to be replaced with "Well it's her loss then." It will take time to let that go, it won't happen over night.

    • Ran out of room :P Also keep in mind college isn't always the best place to meet people. I certainly haven't met many guys at my college. Simply because everyone is there to learn and go on with their lives. So try exploring outside school. Also try to find clubs you like. Like for example photography, you'll already have a conversation starter and something in common. :)

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  • I am 20 and will be 21 in January. I am a college student also. People always think that I am younger. I was at the store with my sister and this lady asked me if I was my sister's daughter and she asked me if I was 16? I have learned to take it as a compliment ( having good genes? maybe) Even though I would get mad in the past. Especially since I don't want to get older so it's a good thing not a bad thing.. As far as taking your life? Please don't do it. We are all put on this earth for a reason(We all have a purpose). If need be talk to someone about it like a family member, friend, or counselor? Someone you confide in?

    • I get what your trying to say, I really do. But it really isn't as simple as that. I have accepted the fact I look young, like really young and I am well used to it by this stage. It doesn't effect me as much around my friends because they all look older so people may assume I look young but I'm hanging around with guys who look 20-21 so they kind of know better. I have no-one I can confine in because I have no1 I can relate to.

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  • I'm 5'6" too, so I can relate to the height issue. You're as big as you make yourself. What I did was hit the gym and make up for the height in muscle. So senior year of high school, I might have been 5'6" but I was a real mean looking 5'6". I had bullies earlier in high school, but once they had a few busted up faces, they learned to leave me alone. I saved up and had a hot car and an even hotter girlfriend.

    As far as everything else goes, just forget what everyone else thinks. Success is the best revenge. If you can't beat them socially, beat them academically. How stupid will they look if someone that looks 15 kicks their butts in the classroom?

    • I was thinking about trying the Gym. Because even though I am 5'6, I have a serious baby face and I am skinny as hell haha. But I don't know, I don't really know if it could help that much? I also have NO idea how to work out really and I don't have access to a gym as often as it would require to properly work out So It would have to be at-home stuff.

    • So you need to bulk up. Start eating more in general. Lots of meat and carbs. Do lots of push ups and sit ups. Try running too.

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