Guys. Do you think makeup is seriously that bad?

There are girls who wear lots of makeup. Such as lots and lots of base and eyeliner and eyeshadow. I hear from my brother "makeup is ridiculous." and my mom thinks so too. I like getting creative with my eye shadows and making cool designs and making my eyes pop and look interesting. I think of it as a creative outlet on my eyes. But other people just think its stupid and pointless. I hate base. It clogs pores and makes your face a different color then your actual skin tone. So I just wear a little eyeliner and eyeshadow. But sometimes I get carried away because the liquid eyeliner is so hard to tame. anyways.

I have heard people talk behind my back and say

"Did you see her makeup its so stupid"

but one of my friends says it looks awesome.


Do you hate it when girls wear makeup?

What do you think about makeup?


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  • Ok, my perspective on it is, it's a touch up thing to ENHANCE what you ladies already have. Little to no makeup is best, in most cases I think. Too much could say the wrong things like "hey I have to gob coats of maekup on because I either want to look like a clown to attract attention, I'm not attractive under all of this and don't want you to know, or I don't think I look pretty enough to go without it." It comes down to personal choice, of course most guys are going to say little or no makeup, I think most of us like to think we like how she looks not how her make up looks, to most of us guys it seems like a big pain, time consuming, unnatural and stuff like that, I don't think most guys appreciate the time effort and all that goes into it so it tends to go under appreciated by many guys anyways.

    Two things to think about, one be who you are, if you like doing some creative makeup touches go for it there are guys that like that, and some that don't, but remember this, do you want to attract a guy being yourself or attract a guy by doing what you think is "best." And two, what do the kind of guys you like, like best, sometimes you have to comprimise or make small changes to get what you want most.

    I hope this helps.


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  • one day I was watching tv

    and some female on tv said

    something about the trick to

    wearing makeup is making it

    seem like you actually arent

    wearing any. or something like


    well I agree with that something

    like that

  • I personally like girls with less makeup.

    Maybe a little lip gloss and blush. Plain doesn't bother me.

    I can understand wanting to cover up things you want to hide.


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  • Make up should be just as much as to make you look good. When overdone can do the exact opposite. But being bare face shows being confident in your own skin and guys would love that.

    They actually like girls who look good and is on her own, not making over the top efforts to please you.

  • I am not a guy, but I think make up is a waste of money because most people can't tell if your wearing it or not and when then can tell it's because your wearing too much and that is not good.