How can you style really curly/wavy hair?

My hair is seriously like a sheep's wool and its a little over an inch long and I want to grow it out 1 more inch but I don't know if it will even be worth it seeing how its acting now.. It straightens out somewhat easily but I'm afraid ill have to use a ton of pomade/wax(grease) and it'd look terrible... I want to fohawk it once its long enough. what to do...?
Nevermind figured it out :D


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  • Hmm maybe try a LITTLE BIT of gel just to tame it. I think its cute when guys with curly hair just let it be (but not too wild). Or try getting it cut in the fohawk now until it grows another inch. That way your hair will be easier to manage being that it's already in some kind of style :)

    • Im so scared of getting it cut in a different way.. I've had a buzz my whole life. I'm hoping a little will do but if it doesn't ugh..

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    • I just tried some and it worked really well without it being greasy so I'm happy lol

  • Are you mixed? I wouldn't use gel


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