What a girl sees in a guy?

My friend has been asking me all the time if I notice girls passing by checking me out, I'm not the guy to notice much less be conceited. I'm the guy that's always single, but I've never thought of myself as attractive. I have blond hair, blue eyes, barely 6 feet tall and slender.


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  • I don't check guys out, so its not applicable to all girls, but if you're attractive we'll look... beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  • For me to notice a guy its because of many things. like your height, hair or how you are acting :) A lot of the girls probably think you are hot...lol my friends ask me the same question but I'm just not aware of them lol so it's a universal thing :P

    • haha thanks :) They nicknamed me "jailbait" at work, but I guess it is a universal thing ;D

    • lol ya...it's odd though because I never see or notice guys looking at me and I don't think I look too different from others so I don't know people are strange :p

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