Tattoos and peircings?

So many questions of people looking opinions on tattoos or piercings, as if you needs strangers approval why really give a sh*t, you got it for your own personal meaning, not for someone to walk into your life and judge seriously! by the way I have 7 and 11 piercings so for all you haters or homo's saying there intimidating and you'd hope for some baby skin virgin, lick my d***! :)


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  • Typically if they are asking, they want to know how the opposite gender feels on the idea.

    I have 5 piercings and only one tattoo. And yes, I have had the thought that if (God forbid!) that something happens between me and the one I'm seeing it may be hard for me to find someone that is okay with them. Does it stop me? No. Why? Because it makes me feel better, they make me walk with my head a little bit higher throughout the day. With my five piercings and one tattoo, I feel completely happy with myself. And THAT is why you should get them!


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  • "you got it for your own personal meaning"

    People don't live in a bubble; people do all sorts of sh*t for the approval of their peers, to identify with a subculture, to emulate a role model, to rebel against their family, etc - people are generally very impressionable. "Personal meaning" and "self expression" are often (usually?) just post-hoc rationalizations of the former.

  • If you aren't looking for the approval of strangers, why even post this? I don't care if you have 100 piercings.

    • Im not looking approval for the ten milliont f***in time if you'd read the question right you'd see I'm on about others and a**holes like yourselves opinions.

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    • I said it. Can you not read? ;)

    • Lmao! good one

  • You seem really angry at these people whose approval you supposedly don't care about. I'm just saying...

    Usually I wouldn't post an answer like this but your angry rant was begging for it.

    • i haven't had to ask for approval, I'm speaking on behalf of others who have, and got all negative replies such as disgusting and I wouldn't accept that as if they had the right to judge like that

    • If they don't want to be judged they shouldn't ask questions on an internet site open to the entire world. You can't protect people from themselves and the opinions of those around them forever, eventually we all need to face reality.

  • Because first impressions matter. Do you really want to belong to the "You want fries with that?" or "paper or plastic?" world? Let me answer that for you - yes, yes you do.

    Be as "tuff" as you want. And remember, you're wearing permanent Ed Hardy on your skin.

    • Damn Right! Lol I must go put in my application form for mickyd's tomorow, yeno since I fall under that category. All I'm sayin is if someone wants to get a tattoo they shouldn have to base the decision on your opinions, which are aloada sh*t might I add.

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    • is that it

    • I supose that would have something to do with my tattoos anyway :L what does it matter il be working in a chippy all my life asking if you would like fries with that.

  • In all honesty my first impression of a girl with that many tats/piercings I would think she's trashy/bisexual/lesbian.

    • I know I read that theremyself and thought lesbian! :L

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  • I don't mind the fact that people get tattoos - In fact, a lot that I've seen are really elegant and I would get one myself if there was something I decided I really wanted inked on my skin. I don't really mind the fact that people get piercings, either, although the idea of getting anything other than plain studs in my ears makes me a little squeamish.

    I do think that having facial piercings or tattoos is a little unprofessional and inappropriate for a lot of lines of work. Is it my place to judge? Not really - you and I likely have different standards of beauty, and overtly preferring to hire one "look" over another is kind of discriminatory.

  • Is this one of those "non conformity for the sake of non conformity" types of situations?

    Also, people who ask questions on tattOOs and pIErcings aren't seeking validation or approval, they want opinions (which you said yourself). Unfortunately, you seem unable to draw a distinction between the meanings of the two words. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking other people what they think of a piece of art you will have etched into your skin for the rest of your life.

  • Tattoes.

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