Chicks with body hair. How much would it bug you if you noticed it?

I'm not asking about the ones that just let it go, but how do guys feel about girls that are naturally hairy, but try to maintain it. Like girls that have happy trails, but shave them off, or any other kind of hair problem like that.

I'm asking because I'm quite a bit hairier then average (genetics :/) but don't leave it, I shave all the abnormal stuff off almost daily, but I'm worried on the day I wake up at some guys house and haven't been around a razor in 30 hours. How much would it bug you if you noticed it?


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  • It wouldn't bother me at all. One of my best friends that I have been attracted to for the longest time virtually never shaves her arms or legs, and it doesn't really make a difference in how I feel about her. If anything, it would make bedtime festivities more interesting.

  • I would definitely stare at it abnormaly, but I would do everything I could to block it out or ignore it. Some things are natural and it is understandable. Being able to remove the hair is better than owning a pair of man hands and having that forever.

    I say just keep doing what you're doing.


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