okay, so me and my boyfriend went out tonight, and we were parked behind this building, and were making out and doing stuff, and then this cop came, and like,there I am, nothing on but my underwear, and I put on my jacket so tht the cop cldnt see me, and like, my boyfriend is freakingout and now he's like afraid to go and do stuff behind ne where ne more, and we don't have ne where else to go, what wld you do?

and we don't have sex, and we can't ever go to his house or to my house because my parents are super strict thts why me and him hve to do stuff and his car, and its so frustrating


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  • you have a room so does he just find times when your or his parents are out ro find a little builing lile I don't know a garden shed or somthing where people won't expect you to be. also you could always stay in a hotel.


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  • Find a cheap motel-nearly every town has one. $20-$30 is a fair enough price for some uninterrupted, private, and secure time between the two of you. Remember to practice safe-sex. No, seriously...wrap it up.

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