If a guy looks like he could be model, does this mean he's hot?

Ive had women ask me if I do modeling or tell me I look like I could be one alot...does this mean I'm hot? I rarely ever get directly told that I'm hot or good looking...I know from a man's point of view, it would mean a girl is hot if she looks like she does modeling..but don't know if it works that way from a woman's point of view; a guy being hot and a guy being a model could be two different things...


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  • pretty much. I think when it comes to models it's a different standard of beauty. Modeling is considered another form of art. It doesn't mean that model is not pretty or handsome per say but they have a certain, unique look that works for the modeling world. I was asked to model too...but I know I'm pretty! :D

    And if you rarely ever get told it's probably because people assume you already know! :D


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  • Generally, yes, although it may simply mean that you have a nice body.

    • with my clothes on, my body looks average. But I'm above average looking body with my shirt off(abs). so I don't think theyre talking about my body...totally average looking body when clothed. It would have to be my face theyre noticing..

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    • slim

    • I think male models are supposed to be slender and long-limbed, so maybe that's what they meant. Or maybe you have a nice face. Or both.

  • Usually it means they are attractive yeah.


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