Sport Coat Vs Suit Coat

What is the difference between a sports coat and a suit coat. I know suits are matching two piece outfits. However, if I were to wear my navy blue suit jacket with khaki pants, would anyone know that it wasn't officially a sports coat?


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  • Generally there are some things that say 'suit coat' more than sports jacket. Most of them are more tendencies then rules. The giveaway in your case that you were wearing an orphaned suit jacket would be the buttons. On a solid color blazer you're not going to have blue buttons. Most commonly you'd have metallic ones on a blazer. If you want to use it both on its own and as part of the suit you could consider replacing all the buttons with ones made from brown horn. Horn sort of works both as a suit (slightly less formal) and as a sport coat/blazer button.

    • adding on to that, it tends to be the material used. Suits are lighter and a little more elegant thatn sports jackets, as sports jackets tend to be made of tweed and similar materials. Wouldn't worry though, unless for some reason it HAS to be a sports coat, a jacket and khakis will be fine

    • Agreed in that sportsjackets are _more commonly_ tweeds or rougher fabrics, but not always. Particularly with a solid navy, solid navy blazers in a worsted wool are common. Now that I'm not on my phone, I'll link photos to what I was referring to (with the buttons): Check out photos in first post in thread: link

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