How to make hair mist?

This is obviously a question for girls :D .. All right, so I really wanna make a personalized hair mist ( I have this thing for my hair to smell good all the time ) .. So do you guys know like what ingredients to put so it won't be sticky or greasy ? I have Googled a lot and found no useful information..

I also have a body mist that I absolutely love... it has a cherry fruity smell and I really wanna covert it in a hair mist .. any ideas how ?

Bonus question : what is your favorite mist/smell in general ?


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  • Add some essential oils to water

  • Mostly water and leave-in conditioner...otherwise anything else will make it cakey, sticky, etc. I suggest you find some strong scented shampoo/conditioner you like that lingers all day.. bath & body works have good ones.

    water it down?

    • yeah that would be cool.. I will go and search for a good leave-in conditioner .. but do I like have to boil them down or something ?

    • i don't think so..

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