Define cute, hot, and beautiful...please :)

Hey everyone :) I just want to know the general distinctions between what you would call cute, hot, and beautiful... and what are you preferences when it comes to relationships.

I know that beauty is more than just appearances, but ya know how some people are just beautiful to look at? what is it?!


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  • Wow this is a real hard one to get right lol ok id say a hott girl is one that you want and wouldn't give a guy like me the first look, a cute girl is the girl next door pretty innocne perky. She can also be beautiful too just like the hot ones.that really come from the way she Carry's herself, Attuide


What Girls Said 1

  • the distinctions are

    cute: has something about them that makes them cute, has a likability about them,girl next door kinda look example reese witherspoon or jennifer aniston

    hot : usually known for there bodys curves and sexual vibe lets say. example carmen electra or kim kardashian

    beautiful : natural beauty just breath taking example jessica alba and scarlett johanson

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