Crazy Eyes...Guys/Girls have you ever met someone with crazy eyes?

were they actually crazy? I find that usually yes they are ... as my father would coin them "they're squirrely"

Did you date them or did the crazy eyes make you run in the other direction?

for those who don't know what crazy eyes must not pay attention cause I see folks with them pretty much daily lol


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  • One of my good friends has eyes that look like animal eyes. They are bright green and yes, they do look crazy. To be quite honest, yes, she is a little nuts. She thinks differently than anyone I know and sees things in a different light, I think she may be brilliant.


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  • Oooh, you mean the ones with the wide eyes like they're about to take out running and screaming like a maniac at any given moment? Then yes...I am some what dating one. He doesn't look so crazy eyed in person, but in pictures he looks like he's going to murder you...then take out running/screaming like a crazed maniac. :P

    • Oh, and to answer your second question. No he isn't crazy, he's very out going and just loves to run really he loves running...maybe that's the crazed maniac in him but he's pretty effin fast when he runs. lol

    • yeah they usually have overly open eyes or shifty eyes lol

  • Lol! Yeah! I've got a friend with huge eyes. It looked like scary at first. One eye is blue and the others' brown. And that made it even weirder, I guess. But after I got to know him, I thought he's absolutely amazing, haha.


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