MEN:: Do you HATE make-up?

Some men hate make-up hardcore. Are you one of those guys? Hubby has to be in the mood to see me in it. Otherwise he scrunches his brow.
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20 out of 31 days in a month I usually just fill in my brows and leave. Sometimes I add mascara and upper lid eye liner. When you guys say most of us wear too much what do you mean? I HATE foudation/powders and concealors. The only time I find them tolerable is if that's the only thing a girls wearing. If she has a full face of makeup to match it's HORRIBLE. What do you mean by too much makeup?


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  • I feel I am no one to say Iike/dislike it

    Thus, I will say if she does decide to wear it she should know how to apply it

    If she doesn't then don't apply it


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  • Most men like makeup, bbut some know how good their partner looks without it, and sometimes prefers to have that look than a enhanced look, so just explain that it helps you feel more confident by wearing it, this should make him realize its not all about what he prefers, its what's right for you, good luck,x

  • I like the idea of a girl who saves things like that for special occasions and doesn't bring them out for everyday wear. I don't dislike makeup, I just like the idea of a girl who puts function before form in her style of daily dress, saving the impractical stuff (which I do lump makeup into) for special occasions.

    • IMO shoes with heels or wedges, dresses and skirts, makeup, and elaborately styled hair are all things that should be best left to special occasions. The idea of a girl who foregoes those things in daily life and only reserves them for special occasions seems more attractive to me because of what it says about her personality.

  • i voted C only because I don't hate make up but I also don't love it...

    let me explain...

    to me, women are beautiful, more power to them the less make up they all about natural beauty...

    i know, I know make up ENHANSES beauty, I get it...but when I can visibly see the make up, the layers of it...or she looks orange or just yeah you get what I'm saying...i just can't find the time of day for them.

    im sure they are a beautiful person but I can't get past the LOADS of make up lean on me and your make up ends up on my shirt...gross

    IMO if you do it, use a little, there's no need to over do yourself with make up...not to mention I think they are pretty expensive?

    be natural and do what you feel is comfortable

    • i'm assuming heavy make up wearers are offended.. lol I agree with you though I went through a makeup faze and the sh*t rubbed off EVERYWHERE! it was pretty sickening actually..Glad I'm over that faze. :-/

  • I hate it cause almost all of you put on way too much. And you really shouldn't need to feel like you need make up to be attractive :| god, so many women are attractive without make up. The few shallow guys who don't find it attractive? F***em, they aren't men, they are boys. Shallow stupid boys.

  • Um...why would I hate makeup?

    Makeup, when done correctly, makes every female look yummier. I am NOT complaining. :)

  • I don't HATE it per se, but I *prefer* natural, and I think WAY too many girls WAY overdo makeup WAY too often. Instead of a bit of enhancement of their natural beauty, girls will delude themselves into thinking they can't leave the house without 20 types of product on their face. It ends up becoming a mask (literally and figuratively) that they hide behind.

    I get that there are special occasions where you might want to do it up a bit, and that's fine. But if you can't go through the Taco Bell drive-thru without 45 minutes in front of the mirror, you're way, WAY over the line.

    So, my vote would be "no makeup, or very light accent makeup" other than special occasions.

  • Some chix hate their freckles, but freckles are awesome.

  • hate would b the wrong word for me. But when I'm with a girl I let her know I prefer that she doesn't wear makeup but if she likes it idc.

  • I HATE too much, a little is great. Some girls look better without it, though.

  • Hate? No way. I like it, unless it's caked on blatantly


What Girls Said 1

  • I am a girl,and personally I don't like make up. I think that it is something out there that everyone does so they do to. I know it is to enhance your looks but I think that foundation makes it worse. Plus most girls wear to much, to the point it rubs of when they lean on something. I know some girls that won't do certain activities because they don't want there makeup messed up.

    I also know that since 95.9% of old enough females wear at least some makeup it looks weird to not walk out with any. If you feel this way the MOST I would very willingly put on would be mascara and possibly eye liner. NO foundationd or powders...NO blush or eyeshadow.

    To me though sometimes mascara is TOO MUCH.

    Just my thoughts...!

    • Foundation, concealers are the REASON why acne gets worse. It's like no one believes it so they keep piling it on. Oh I forgot blush WTF is blush for anyway! I agree with you. to a certain extent but sometimes color on the eyes and a little gloss on the lips is pretty..

    • Blush...I have no Idea. Guys always complain how they can't tell if a girl likes them...but yet when you see a girl "BLUSH" I'ts makeup.

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