Do guys assume a girl is pregnant?

I workout but still have a bit of a stomach, plus I drink a lot of water so sometimes I'm bloated looking for a bit. I worked out in a tshirt today and it wasn't tight but I still felt insecure about it. My arms are small, my legs are small only my tummy is my insecurity (and its not even that big)

Would guys notice this if overall I looked normal? Would you assume I was pregnant or something?


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  • well it depeds on how your tummy looks it its a little big from the 2 lower abs(dont know what they are called) we just assume its a bit of fat or your bloated maybe even a hernia but that's for guy body builders,but font be insecure wbout your belly I have one too and I workout but my friends say I don't look fat at all

    • mines kinda bigger in the middle? I guess... overall... I'm always so paranoid people will think I am pregnant since the rest of me is smaller so I'm not a "fat chick" .. :(

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  • No, guys shouldn't think you are pregnant...can't promise none will, but it's rather presumptuous...I wouldn't.

    Will guys notice? Can't say for sure but it probably wouldn't be a big deal to most even if they did.

  • Do some ab buster stuff. Lots of great vids on Youtube.


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