What is a fat girl in your opinion? It seems to be different from girls and guys perception

Girls seems to find other girls that guys find normal to be fat, I know because I feel fat and I know my girl friends see it to, but guys "say" I am fine, I am hot...

To me a fat girl is one that has extra fat on the belly + extra thigs fat so I am fat in my perception, but a girl could be bigger than me like Kim Kardashian and not be fat as she has no belly fat...

so overall to me its about the belly...

what about you guys?
something like this girl

and if a girl only has belly fat and has a completely thin body like skinny legs and arms no one think she is fat...


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  • I think the girl in the photo is a little bit overweight but not by that much, she is proportionate.

    I'm 5'3 and 120 and I think I'm fat so there you go.

    • Well I am 5 feet and I weight 119 I think I am fat I sent a link in a guys message see If you agree with me...

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  • It depends on the general body size and distribution of the fat, I for one think that the girl in the link is really attractive. ^^

    • what about this to you is it fat? link

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    • well, I wrote not even the slightest, meaning no fat :P before I knew it was you so. Well if anyone tells you that you are, then they are crazy in my opinion...

    • Ok maybe The photos look better than The real deal.But Thanks its Good to hear that someone doesn't see me as fat :)

  • Well like you said men have a difference viewpoint on women. My girlfriend is 5'7'' and 185 lbs, but she isn't fat. Most of her weight went to her thighs, breasts, butt, and hips. Let me show what FAT actually is.

  • I expect that her size as the biggest buttocks of the belly are exciting.. the fox has no fat buttocks

  • Every guy has his flavor don't let it bug ya lady's

  • A fat girl is an overweight girl.

    • So If a girl isn't overweight but has extra fat on the belly you don't think She is fat?

    • Nope. Fat is when someone is overweight due to too much fat.

    • You can be overweight and still not fat.

  • Belly, butt, legs, face

    • what? so if a girl has a fat face she is fat?

    • Not always, but often

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  • Yeah, that's fat.

    • What?the link or My description?

  • I am 5'3" and 190 lbs and I don't think I'm fat.

  • I think its both neck, face, and legs. I also think someone is fat when they think it and express their overweight in a negative form, and they don't embrace it as 'its just ''me'' '

    • i didn't get what you said...

    • Like if she is your best friend, and she talks over and over about her weight, would you notice it more? But if she doesn't care about what other people think of her weight would you notice it less often?

    • i see what you mean now, yeah I have a friend I always thought she was thin but she talked so much about her belly that I saw it and its bigger than mine but everyone see her as thin as the rest of her body is quite skinny

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