Guys honestly what do you find more attractive on a girl

Pick however many you want but be sure to be specific about it



smile-grin,or actual smile

nose-what type



hips-wide,small,or just right

thighs-thick,small,or ordinary

butt-big,small,no butt

curves or no curves

Skin color?




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  • The perfect woman for me would be:

    Long silky straight hair, large intelligent eyes that can both rip apart your soul, and melt you down in a puddle of love. Straight, yet soft facal features, not in any way wide cheekbones, full red/pink lips (not too large, but not thin). The nose is not important as long as it is relatively straight. She has to have a nice smile.

    Breats are absolutely irrelevant, but she needs to have good skin. Slim stomach, preferebly flat, but still not ot of grave importance as long as it doesn't wiggle much while she walks, but the thinner the waist the better. Wide hips, with skinny legs( the gap between those is so sexy). Small but. Skin color doesn't matter.


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  • I prefer shorter in height, blue or brown eyed, petite, red or black haired girls with a small nose and small breasts (a-c cup). I prefer a small round supple butt with round widened hips with a flat stomach (although it doesn't have to be super flat as a girl of a more realistic size is also nice as long as it isn't too plus-sized). Curves are a plus when in the hourglass variety (but other shapes like pear are bad). I prefer pale girls over darker skinned girls is she's a typical Caucasian but a nice beautiful natural tan girl (without tan lines which are disgustingly ugly in many cases) of Mediterranean decent are lovely as well.

    I guess this is why a have a thing for some Asian girls as they usually fit better than Caucasian girls do to most of my preferences although my favorite type of girl would have to be a short Irish redhead with bright blue eyes and a smile that lights up rooms and a temper to bring them down (when necessary). (Obviously then, some freckling is fine by me.)

  • eyecolor : doesn't matter

    lips size : small

    smile : don't know

    nose : no thick noses

    boobs : hmm doesn't matter so much , better too small than too big

    stomach : flat

    hips : small/normal

    thighs : ordinary

    butt : small

    curves : a little but not too much either

    skin color : all girls I've fallen for where white ( I meet mostly white people )

    hair : long

    haircolor : doesn't matter so much

  • I'm gonna just cut to the chase and say I find everything on black women to be attractive.

  • Eyes - green

    Lips - probably medium

    Smile - both grin and actual smile when appropriate

    Nose - small rounded roman nose

    Boobs - 32C

    Stomach - flat

    Waist - small

    Hips - wide while still being modest

    Thighs - not thick but toned

    Legs - long

    Butt - normal

    Skin - almost pale french vanilla ice cream tone

    Hair - brown, shoulder-length or longer


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