Im going out for new years tonight and I want to look super cute! any suggestions?

im also attending a club, so I want to make the best impression I can, I'm considered to be sometimes bitchy because I play hard to get but its just because I'm a little shy and don't play easy. any suggestions on how to be a little more 'nicer'?.. tips? anyways happy new years everyone<33 !


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  • when you first get there..scan the place and find that one guy that you think is cute or at least have potentials and stare him down. hopefully he will come over and offer to buy you a drink...the point here is too spend the night talking and having fun with just one guy and be bitchy to every guy

    • ha I agree :) thanks!

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  • Curly hair is hot. Don't go over the top on make up/go easy on the make up too. And happiness (do something you really enjoy before going out/getting ready)?!

    • i agree I'm gonna kinda curl my hair

  • Clown shoes




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