I need tips to stop feeling so ugly all the time, please

Well I feel ugly a lot of the time. I know that it's because I have a bad habit of comparing myself to other women, but what girl doesn't do that? and I don't mean comparing myself to Megan Fox or Rihanna or p*rn stars (though that can be pretty depressing too), but comparing myself to real life girls I see everyday or that I know and see often. I mean I've been told I have a nice body, sure it's not perfect, but yeah it's nice I guess. But I've always considered having a beautiful face is more important than having a great body. And my face is quite plain, I mean my eyes are really ordinary looking, my nose is too round, my lips too wrinkly, I have dark circles under my eyes, etc. I have nice skin but that's it. And I have thin hair, as a matter of fact I think I have androgenic alopecia, so my hair falls out a lot and I can't do anything with it other than wearing in a shorter style.

So those are things that depress me about myself, I would have to get surgery to fix them and for example the hair thing can't be fixed at all. Last night I went to a New Year party and I felt so ugly! I also saw some girls my boyfriend is friends with now, and they're so pretty, I'm so ugly compared to them, and sure I'm smarter, but I don't think he, or any of the other ton of guys who drool over them care. I know character is more important, but when I see that even nice guys drool over the hot chicks, but don't even admire my character, it gets to me.

I know I'll always look like this, so I need pointers in knowing how to accept myself and be a happy little uggo :)


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  • You are most likely much prettier than you give yourself credit for. All you focused on was your flaws and completely down played the fact that you have a bangin body and nice skin. You don't have to be perfect, no one is. Rihanna has a big forehead and Megan Fox is only one of the baddest *after* spending a small fortune in plastic surgery. Nobody is perfect but the reason you feel ugly is because you focus on the negatives when it comes to you but uplift everyone else. If there are things you can do to take care of your appearance like makeup, cute hairstyle, style, vitamins, better diet then fine go for it in moderation but don't feel so harshly about yourself! There are probably girls who don't look as good as u, comparing you to themselves in their head and feeling bad about it. So work on feeling good as a woman. No matter what you look like, as long as you make an effort you will be attractive. Some people think a nice body is more crucial then a cute face, some people think great skin is more important than thick hkair. it is what it is. you can never please 100% of the people all the time but you can always feel good about yourself


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  • ONE WORD...FACEBOOK...those thirsty guys will make you feel like a goddess

  • Do P90X and firm up. Seriously. Having a good body will increase your confidence A LOT.

    Go see a dermatologist on the alopecia.

    Get some self hypnosis/guided meditation audio and use them at home.


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  • Girl I know how you feel and I don't have the body I never will, I have small boobs full of cellulite on My ass and I have a cute face I can look Hot with a Good production I mean every girl can only really few look Hot without any efford...

    It sucks how guys drool over others and say they like the no make Up look...

    I would say improve on your make Up and hair it Makes a huge difference check make Up tutorials on you tube, its amazing how a plain girl turns into Hot ...

    You are luck you got the body and that's major...


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