What should I do to my hair for school? It is damaged on the left side.

I am African American with coarse textured hair. I usually get relaxers but I have a lot of new growth coming in. My hair is no longer a solid color it is brownish blond color with my natural dark hair growing in. my hair stylist says its the ponytails but when my hair started to grow in my styling options were limited and I don't like putting heat in my hair for more than twice a month.
I just need hair ideas. That will enable new growth
I meant that will because less wear and tear on my hair


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  • SO you want ideas for hair style to make your hair grow? If that's what you mean, throw some weave or braid in. Growing hair takes time. I had medium (well to some black girl it was long) hair and I have a habit of cutting mine into rihanna style, which is what I have now. But sew-ins and braids for several months will help your hair grow. I do it and it grow back to the same length within 6 months

    • My issue with sew in is that I want it to look as natural as possible

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  • Take B Complex vitamins. Don't mess with it, let it relax meaning stay away from ponytails and heat as much as possible. Try to do different hair wraps like olive oil or even mayonnaise and avocado. The more healthy it is, the faster it will grow.

    Until then (because it may take some time) look into weaves. Search around because you want to make sure you get the best options when it comes to weaves. I've seen too many girls either get bad sets or get them put in horribly and looked terrible.

    • Well my hair is still colored so it won't blend in with any weave unless its one solid color. Basically it won't look right since my new hair color and new growth are coming in it will look obviously fake

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    • So your hair changes colors naturally? Otherwise any type of dye being used and put on your hair is not natural. The thing about dying it one whole color or relaxing it is that you're going to only damage your hair further than it is, which lowers the chance of it ever growing back at a decent rate. The more chemicals you put on it, the slower it will take. You will probably have to wear the weave for years to get the length you want naturally. If you're okay with that then go for it.

    • Lol I meant the hair dye is not a unnatural color. Of course using more chemicals will hinder growth my hair color doesn't change naturally. I have natural born highlights

  • Well, I'm not really sure, but my african American friend uses weaves and they look cute and real.

    • Can you ask her what kind of weave does she use? There is, half sew in. full see in and clip in weave

    • She said she uses half sew in!

    • Thank you

  • Curlynikki.com might help


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