Boyfriend doesn't like how I dress?

I have DD's, and am a bigger girl so that right there is a big problem. No matter what I wear I will always attract attention, its hard not to. I don't dress slutty, this outfit was what I thought far from slutty.

I wore a top much like this one: link

And just a regular pair of black pants.

The shirt is a little big but did cover my chest. However, the fabric is kind of loose in the bust, and it did move as we walked around, and my bra was a tiny bit exposed. I'm a half-size so stuff is either too small or a tad too big :S The part of the bra that was exposed was part of the middle part where there was a bow, and I kept adJusting it so it wouldn't show. Not much of the bra was showing though. Just the bow and a little bit around it.

My boyfriend told me to put a scarf on, which I was wearing before we went to the mall, but took it off Because it was hot in the mall we were at. And he seemed kind of bothered by it. He doesn't like other guys looking at me (not that I have full control over that). Now I feel bad, I didn't intentionally try to expose any part myself or my bra, but now he seems to disapprove of anything that I wear.

I am a bigger person, so big ol baggy t-shirts are going to only make me look bigger, and I am young, only 22. So I do want to look nice.

I like to dress nice for him, and I rarely dress anything close to sexy. But I chose the top because I thought it looked nice.

I make a big effort do dress classy, but with big boobs like what I have it's hard not to give people the wrong impression. Even when wearing a turtle neck, I still get attention for my chest.

Do you think he is over-reacting? Or do you think what I wore was inappropriate?


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  • Hello. Well, for one, it makes sense how you would have that problem. And there doesn't seem like much you can do about it. You have big breasts and they will be out there. That shirt is pretty, thought it would seem as though it would show a lot of cleavage. You should try to wear shirts that don't show your bra. Put a shirt under or something.

    I think it's pretty rude for your boyfriend to say that he doesn't like what you wear, but then again he's being concious of how your body is getting shown. So he doesn't want you flaunting yourself. So, that's a good thing.

    So basically try not having your bra shown, that's a little innapropriate. I mean, I understand how it could be difficult because of your bra size. You can try wearing shirts under. If it's too much of a hassle, you don't really have to. It's what you're born with so you should embrace it.


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  • I don't believe it was slutty, but revealing-yes. With having a larg rack and being a bigger girl you should wear more clothing that is consercitive. And I do not mean strickly band tees and whatnot, I just mean t-shirts and v-necks, or tank tops with a button down over it. Because when you are larger you do attract attention in thos cirtain areas.


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