Does my style have a label?

Although I skate and snowboard I try to have my own unique style that really lets me express myself: (I'm a skinny guy with some muscle definition) I usually wear snap back hats for Louisiana teams (my home state) despite living in jersey, over the years I've moved from skinny jeans to more of a slim straight and I also wear corduroys once in a while to dress up, I like bright colors (lime green, electric blue, scarlet, yellow, etc) I wear a lot of flannel button up style shirts, pullover hoodies (graphic skate or Mexican woven style), I'm a sneaker head mostly with high top nikes and vans authentics (also bright generally) so I try to coordinate my colors with my shoes as much as possible, finally my t shirts are crew and v neck, colorful like everything else usually graphic and band ts but also Louisiana stuff college stuff and nicer more upscale stuff. I also stay AWAY from hollister aeropostale and American eagle style clothes (why pay so much for the label and designer name anyway?) If you could find a stereotype or general label for what I described or even just a new name to describe it I'd love to hear your feedback thanks everyone :)


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  • Lol you sound like everyone in the DMV area. But you're fine. There is a name for it, although I can't think of it since its just normal to see that (people don't label it). You're not a teenybooper or anything like that. If you came to the DC area you'd blend in lol.


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  • Yes, a common mall or department store teeny booper.

    • Damn not really what I go for...anything I can do to step it up or make it more mature?

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  • "jersey beach kid" who thinks he's a cali surfer brah just livin' life and getting radical...with all of the right designer clothing of course... seeing how your school is by the beach I'm going to go with that because I see this style of dress all over the place. No offense...but your style isn't unique. Kids everywhere in south jersey dress like this. I see it in NYC and philly too...though philly has more hipsters and hobo's (same thing)

    • if I'm sponsored I'm pretty sure I'm no wannabe kiddo. I honestly hate jersey that's why I rep new orleans and louisiana I think you should read that again and not the first few sentences brah

    • oh I read it

    • tough words behind an anonymous label but whatever your entitled to your opinion

  • It's called "Plebian"


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