Knuckle tattoos...........?

I've been wanting to get my knuckles done for a long time now, and Wednesday I'm going to do it. I'm thinking of getting Stay Free on them, or Live Free with Forever underneath that on the 2nd part of knuckles and a heart on my pinky. What are some other words to get tattooed on them? Not the usual love/hate, love/life, kiss/kill stuff though. Also, please don't tell me I won't get a job with them. Even though I'm only 19, I have 10 tattoos, plus a half sleeve, all visible and I am a successful cosmetologist. So save it.


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  • Hmm... I'm thinking of getting a permanent mark on my body just for the heck of it. I don't care what the mark is, I just know I want one, even though it will last forever. I think I'll ask all the random people online :D

    • Oh, and to actually answer your question, I would get inverted crosses on every finger except the middle fingers. I would put pentagrams on those.

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