Which seasonal color type are you and which one are you most attracted to?

which type are you most attracted to? (its about hair, skin and eye color)


and here's a quiz in case you don't know which type you are:

feel free to take any other quiz. you can find many of them on google. I just posted the first one I came across.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are Winter!

    Your coloring is crisp and distinctive. Winters are rich and intense in hair and eye color. Choose rich vibrant tones. Think in terms of cool or blue-based, clear or pure colors as well as dark, bright and icy with contrast. Solids or simple patterns with a few colors are better than complex busy patterns with many colors. Fabrics should have refined finishes rather than textured surfaces. Two examples of good fabrics would be wool gabardine or polished cotton, among the possibilities. You look best in Pewter, White Gold, or Silver jewelry.



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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm a winter, which seems about true. I do have a lot of white gold and use a lot of whites and blues.

    • I knew that already. I did the test for you too ha ha :P

      White, really? I can't imagine that color on you :P you should try red. I'm sure the color would look good with your type. Hmm but then again it wouldn't fit your personality. I guess that's why you don't like it...it so wouldn't fit your personality! lol know, it doesn't fit mine either but I love red and red clothes

    • Haha you took the test for me? How do you know me so well girl :P? You are right red looks very good on me but I can't stand to wear it or see me in it, that's the reason I can't have a red car and I have blacks and silvers lol. Personality wise, red is hit or miss I guess it depends who you ask. And you crazy girl, white looks great on me! ;) Ill assume you got a fall or summer?

    • i just guessed what you look like. I mean I just saw one pic but yea...

      hmmmmmmmmmmm red underwear! :D don't throw it away please :P

      almost! I get fall or spring. my skin is too "olive" for summer you know ;P summers are pale

  • That quiz sucked.

    I think I may be a fall, but its hard to say.

    I'm attracted to all kinds of people, but I'd say certain winter's most of all.


What Girls Said 3

  • I hate this laptop! It limits access to everything!

    But I would say fall. :) Orange, golds and reds go well with my dark eyes and hair.

  • i am a winter!

  • I'm attracted to men...a lot of what made those girls those colors is makeup.

    In general I like brown hair and any colored eyes on a man.


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