If a girl looks fit, do you care how she got that body?

Like if she had to work out for it or if she's just naturally thin. What do you prefer?

For example I eat a lot but don't gain weight, my stomach is flat, and my legs are muscular (not thick though) even though I don't play sports or go to the gym. I think its genetic...is that a turn off for guys? I guess the only thing on my body that shows I don't do sports is my butt, because it doesn't "go over into my legs", it sticks out, kinda a bubble butt.


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  • In general I would have to say muscular legs on a girl are very attractive. However, I am above all a fan of function when it comes to fitness. By that I mean what you're physically capable of impresses me a lot more than how you look. I've seen a lot of girls who had athletic bodies but weren't really anymore capable than a girl who was only in average shape, and I've seen girls who looked average because they had a layer of fat covering the muscle but were amazingly strong, fast, and agile. I'd rather have the second kind because in my eyes, function > form.

    Also, just FYI, bubble butt (as long as the bubble shape is firm and not soft) is exactly what a hardcore athlete's butt looks like. muscles grow when you build them and the butt muscle grows in a shape that's basically like a balloon being inflated. It doesn't flatten out. It grows and becomes round and hard like a pair of small bowling balls stuffed into your pants.


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  • I guess I'd disapprove if she'd had liposuction or her stomach stapled, etc (just screams out laziness / lack of self-motivation to me). Other than that, I couldn't care less.

    However, I'm pretty sporty, so it would definitely be a bonus if she's sporty as well, just so we have some shared interests.

  • Generally we don't care. However, genetics is a bad thing to rely on if you're marrying the girl, unless its still working for her mother ...


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