He always looks at me, but he MIGHT have a girlfriend?

I see this guy in study hall. I have never talked to him but I look at him all the time. He looks at me too. He will stare and won't look away until I do. If I talk to someone else in the class, he will watch the conversation. Sometimes if I see him in the halls he will look at me also. However, today I saw him hugging this girl. They kissed, but from my angle I couldn't tell whether it was on the mouth or cheek. So yeah


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  • i have this same exact problem too. oo but he always hanging around girls but he's not gay I know that he's an upperclassman and dey say he a player I don't know he sometimes walks in my direction and locks eyes wit mines like he going to talk 2 me but den walks right pass me all da time and I know he does that 2 me because once noone was around but me and him because I was @ my locker and he still did dat. what does that mean?