Girls, would you like me?

Ive been called cute and sexy, I think I'm attractive. I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. I'm big, but not fat and in descant shape. My attitude isn't one that is out to please the world or anyone. "I don't give a f***" and my vibe illustrates it, although I am nice to talk to (im not an a**hole or anything) and I truly don't have a problem with anyone unless they do something to because it. I don't smile or laugh unless I hear something funny or if I see someone I know or like. I'm kind of quiet. and to get my persona you should probably know that I've been known to be involved in a couple illegal activities, mainly distrubution of a certain plant product, but I'm a business man and open to any means of making money.

anyway, for some reason girls show very little interest in me, I can get a girls number easy enough, but there's just never anything there. its been this way my whole life. I feel I have a lot to offer a girl, I know they think I'm kinda bad but I really have a lot of love inside me, and I would love to have someone to give it to, but there just isn't any interest out there.


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  • ... Lol I had to get off your plant man f*** it passes me off, and anyway... The if you put a pic up they'd probly know better


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  • No...

  • From your description I would not date you..even if you are a great person deep down, I wouldn't look past your bad-boy-who-doesn't-give-a-f*** image nor find it attractive. It feels like we wouldn't have common interests or security. Just my opinion.

    • Idk about common interests but you've got security

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  • Pic or its an Over-Statement. I don't believe every person who do these threads are "Perfect"

    • When did I say I was perfect? I'm being true. I never said I was perfect.

    • Well then if its true its because you sell weed and only "certain" girls like that

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