Revlon colorstay liquid foundation or laura mercier silk creme foundation?

right now I am using color stay but I'm thinking about switching to silk creme. does anyone no which one is better? because in Australia silk creme costs 82$ and colorstay 42$ so I don't want to waste my money. :) I have redness and freckles that I would like to cover up.


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  • I'm not quite sure about the australian currency but if I were you, I would choose laura mercier over anything can be bought from a drug store. Also, the ingredients in laura mercier are more natural and safe on your skin (since you are thinking about having foundation on all day). If you are looking for great coverage, I suggest Bobbi Brown as well as their concealer. As for studio makeup, look into Makeup Forever and purchase their green face primer to conteract with your redness.

    Hoped that helped.


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  • I use bare minerals. It last longer than any liquid. Even if my face gets wet. it cover very well and costs about 50. It goes a long way too


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