Guys, how do you feel about girls wearing their natural hair?

I'm not asking about black women going natural specifically, but more general. A lot of times I get up in the morning and I go with my hair the way it is after it dries overnight. Do you think it looks messy like I'm not trying?
Also, when it comes to just rolling out of bed in the morning and going out, do guys notice greasy hair, even slightly greasy?


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  • That's what I do and people have always liked my hair. I get my hair from my Native American side so it's nice and fairly thick. I guess it would depend on the length of the hair.

    • Yes, agree too, I have a middle long hair, almost to shoulder, winds come, hair changed~lol

    • You have Native American blood? Chippewa?

    • Wind comes hair changes? Lol yes taster I don't know which tribe or how much because my dad was adopted but he looks almost full native or at least half.

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  • Fine by me...(:

    • Naw we don't care...but some females pull their hair straight back when it's slightly greasy and that looks unattractive on at least some of them...(:

What Girls Said 2

  • I honestly don't think guys think it's that big of a long as you look good.But then again...some guys care just a bit.

  • It's OK for me, because sometimes I brush my hair so nice and when I am out encountering a strong wind...then messy again~ :) natural is the best~lol


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