I have really high arches. Any advice?

I've tried a ton of shoes, inserts and I've seen a pediatrist. I can't stand for too long or else my feet hurt. I can't walk barefoot for very long. People who examine my feet say they're the highest arches they've ever seen. I've suffered several foot injuries in football due to little or no arch support. It's frustrating. Does anyone have any advice?


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  • Before going the uber expensive route of custom insoles, give these a shot link I have a similar issue and wear these for work since I'm on my feet a lot. They're pretty inexpensive but they work really well. If they don't you're out 5 bucks and can go the custom route.

    Most shoes now are made with crappy arch support so if you suffer from high arches, you gotta get insoles to handle.


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  • It sounds like your going to need them to get a mold of your feet so they can give you exactly what you need

  • Get your podiatrist to make you custom inserts, I have flat feet and he hooked me up. They mold your feet and everything.


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