Why do guys hate makeup? Do they hate makeup?

Im fifteen and I wear eyeliner and mascara because I like the way it looks on me and it adds a boost of confidence. I'm not the type to typically try to get guys attention but I read in several places that guys do not like makeup so is it a turn off if/ when I do wear it?


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  • Some do and some don't.

    I am a girl and pow, I wear makeup especially when there is a special event.

    On a daily basis...I wear makeup...somedays more or less than others...

    When my period is about to start and I get f***loads of hormonal breakout...I put on coverup or CONCEALER. This HIDES the annoying white head lumps of f***ery called acne and its useless sh*t filled scars.

    But on a daily basis with clear skin...I don't use cover up but I use a oil bloating power and bronzer...because I get grease face often...and I like my face to look healthy..not dead and zombie like. I top it off with eye liner and mascara...then do a contour powder...to give my face an actual shape...because I look like calliou from pbs kids if I don't do that. Plus I add lipstick...I got bored of chapstick..my natural lip color is 2 toned..it annoys me. Either I have pink lips or brown lips...f***ing pick a color...lol. This takes 10 minutes.

    If I am doing makeup for a special event...30 maybe one hour..to perfect my face.





    *Eye Shadow



    I am going to be a makeup artist soon...I know a lot about makeup.

    I agree natural face is good. Some guys love that. If a girl is naturally flawless. Then lucky her. Unlike ugly ass me...I use to look that way when I was 10 years old...now I am ugly.

    Some people are blessed with perfect skin...

    Tbh, I were it on daily basis because of my ugly skin...but I love makeup though.

    I wear it for special events to show off my skills. Weird right?

    My point is guys don't like when girls take too much time caking face.

    Guys hate cake face.

    Guys don't like makeup smeared on them.

    Guys don't like spending money on makeup.


    Guys like when you look good, good without over doing it.

    Guys like when you look good naturally.


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  • I prefer no make-up to as little as possible (although yes I probably can't always tell if she is), I hate a lot of make-up.

    Make-up is supposed to highlight a girl's best features. But a lot of girls think it's something you use to cover up their "flaws", others who think it's attractive to wear make-up like a common whore.

  • I hate makeup because it gets on my face and clothes and it's just annoying. I do like it though because it obviously enhances a girl's beauty. The goal is to find a girl that needs almost 0 makeup.

  • It's not that guys don't like make up. It's that girls generally put too much on. Lots of girls who do up their whole face would look much better with just a touch on the eyes or even nothing at all.

  • idk I just prefer to see the girls natural face. I don't hate makeup... But I prefer girls not to wear it.

  • I only like the bare essentials and maybe "sometimes" eye shade

  • I don't like it because it makes her look fake. I want to see her face completely natural, flaws and all.

  • Well makeup costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time...but most guys are OK with mascara which seems to enhance most people...eyeliner & eyeshadow look good on some people but not on others...eyeliner can be overdone...eyebrow pencil is OK if not overdone..but..what guys really hate is the face & cheek stuff: concealer, foundation & bronzer...my wife wears none of that altho she does wear some blush on special occasions...I don't say anything..it's pretty rare and she never wears that around the house.

  • Minimal or no makeup


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  • Guys say they hate makeup, but what they really mean is they hate when a girl wears "too much" makeup. For example, caked on foundation and excessive eye shadow. If you wear something subtle like eyeliner and mascara most guys won't even notice it's makeup. One time I only went out with those two things on (I usually wear a tinted moisturizer too) and one of my guy friends told me I looked pretty "without makeup" lol.

  • It's nit wearing it in genal, it's how much. If your walking around looking like a fake and an oomph loompa lol that's nasty, but a little mascara excentuates how you look and downy make you look fake or gross. Just use it in moderation, overuse can be tackynand unattractive.

    • We don't like that crap women put on their cheeks: concealer, foundation & bronzer...

    • I said that. Just in a different way. I said MASCARA is okay as long as you use things in moration. Concealer, foundation, and bronzer. Make girls look orange when over used, like an oomph loompa-like I said.

  • They don't hate makeup, they say they do, but if a woman had a lot of makeup on that was well done, he wouldn't even know it was there.They don't know what their looking for.

    I mean, look at all the women they fap off to, they ALL wear tons of makeup and frankly, most are not very pretty without makeup.So they must like it to be able to become aroused by a woman who is plastered in makeup.

    In everyday life, I think men prefer it to LOOK like you've got no makeup on, now that could mean you have layers and layers on your face, but if it looks natural, the guy would not have a clue.

  • Guys do not hate makeup.

    Guys aren't a fan of obvious makeup(blue eyeshadow, neon eyeshadow, unrealistic red blush, mismatched foundation etc).

    If your makeup is obvious, you aren't doing it right(if your intention is te natural look).

    When they say they prefer little or not makeup they really mean they prefer the natural look, nothing heavy or over done.

    Millions, if not billions of women around the world wear makeup and manage to get bfs and get married. Obviously not all guys hate makeup.

    Plus, most girls are average at best without makeup.

    Above average girl with makeup>average-ugly girl without makeup

    How many guys do you know who prefer the look of redness, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin, blemishes, acne, large pores or oiliness? Not many. But they're fooled into thinking women with natural looking makeup are indeed natural

  • No just nothing too heavy bright dark or thick overall natural looking

  • guys like a girl to look pretty. Period, end of discussion lol

    most of the time they can't even tell you're wearing it (at your age especially because they don't have a lot of experience in noticing it) unless it's seriously caked on and pretty thick and then it's too much. The trick is to use make up to enhance how you look not cover your face and make you look a certain way. If it looks natural and you look fresh and pretty then you're doing it right. I have a 15 year old and I can't tell you how many times a week I tell her to tone down the eye liner(to which she promptly rolls her eyes and ignores me but the next time she puts it on she says 'is this ok?' annoyed but asking honestly lol)...teenage girls LOOVE them some thick eye liner that looks like it was put on with a sharpie...ugh it annoys me greatly lol whatever you're putting on use about half that much and it'll look good ;)

    you can always go to those make up counters in the mall and get them to show you ways to play with your make up (take about 20 bucks with you and buy something from them...some lip stick or some eye shadow so you're not just wasting their time) tell them what you want and they'll show you what will work for you :)

    • Yeah us older guys usually do know makeup when we see it and not all girls can wear all types of makeup..cutting it in half is good advice and there are some females that don't need any...is correct to say that makeup is supposed to enhance... not to change your face

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