Are attractive men more perceived as just trying to get laid?

I'm really looking for a female opinion on this, and I have 2 questions:

1. Are women more likely to perceive an attractive guy as just talking to her because he wants to get into her pants? for example, say you met some good looking guy, and he seems really nice and seems to take an interest in your hobbies and in you in general, are you more likely to perceive it as an act so he can get into your pants than you would if here were less attractive?

2. Are women able to tell if a guy's motive is really just to sleep with the girl even if he is acting nice and as if he actually cares about her etc?


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  • Girls can tell with scary accuracy when guys just want to get into their pants. If he's being really nice and gentlemanly, holding doors open, offering to help, etc, but he really just wants sex, then yeah we can tell.

    My first week at college, this guy I'd been hanging out with walked up to me one day and said "you look really beautiful today." Real sweet right? I labeled him in my head as creepy. And guess what--a week later, he cornered me in my dorm room, tried to feel me up, and confessed that he wanted to lose his virginity at college. Right on target.


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  • 1. No. He can't help it that he looks good. If he is just looking to get in my pants, I will be able to tell later on.

    2. Yes. I'm experienced so I've been around a lot of no-good guys & I know how to detect them. I can smell a douchebag from a mile away.

  • 1. least not for me. I don't judge books by covers..

    2. Yes, I can tell if a guy only wants to get in my pants. By their acts and attitudes.

    • what if he really does seem like a nice guy, maybe he offers to help you with your homework or something. Just seems to care about you..but say he really is trying to get into your pants, would you be able to tell then?

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    • Like how.. How does you know how he acts and what are his attitudes, if he just wants to get laid?

    • Usually they are all about how 'hot' I am..all the time or how sexy I am. That is one hint, if they have said it more than twice in one day and etc...Also, they will test you and make jokes about having sex to see if you will bite.

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