My friend asked me why he has manboobs. I don't know what to say.

when we were working at at the school gym he asked me why does he have manboobs I told him I don't know just work out your chest more and he said that he has been working out on his chest a lot but nothing is helping them go away he said he wannted pecs like a hard pec chest an yet again told him to do push ups or start benchin to help it and he said one he was younger he was really skinny and even now he still skinny but he starting to get muscle from working out with me everyday at the school gym and when he went swimming I saw that he had them and I was just as puzzled I thought only if your fat and you lose a lot of weight fast that you start to get man boobs but my friend is skinny he always has been so why does he still have them help me so I can help him I don't know what to say to him?


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  • Maybe he is not working well enough ? Maybe you guys should refer to a specialized trainer better .. or a sports teacher in your school .. I am sure they are more experienced than most of us here :)


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  • In all honesty it is possible for guys to have boobs, hold old are yall? I mean.. It might just be something he has to surgically fix in blunt honesty.

    • im 18 he is 17 and no lol I don't have the problem he does I'm the one who got him into working out and he doesn't want surgey either he said he don't want scars and stuff he ratehr et rid of it the healthy way or right way

    • But see it doesn't always work like that.. some guys, are actually born with boobs. It's like telling a girl to lose her boob fat. Not going to happen right? And nowadays he won't get scars. What they do it that cut around the nipple lining and lipo it out. No scar.

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  • He might look skinny but his body fat percentage might still be a bit up there.

    He probably has built his pecs but the extra fat is ruining the definition.

    • so how would he reduce that extra fat

    • Better diet.

    • i see thx

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