How to I get a wet curly hair look like after the shower?

i have wavy hair generally straight but it can curl easily, I've tried gel and mousse and frizz ease curl spray and it makes my hair so sticky and hard and disgusting, yet I see other girls who make damp hair after a shower curly and soft at the same time, what are some good products to use so I get the same effect and crunch my hair ?


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  • Some people use a diffuser on a blow dyer, but I tend to have frizzy hair and that amplifies the frizz problem. I like to plan ahead the night before if I think of it. If I'm not doing anything the night before I like to take a shower fairly early. When I get out I brush my hair with a wide-tooth comb and add a mouse and shine serum while scrunching my hair. (very little product...nobody likes crunchy hair)

    Okay now this sounds weird, but what one does for beauty...I take two scrunchies(has to be scrunchies cause regular ties will give your hair weird kinks) and put make two messy buns on either side of my head towards the top so you can get the roots too. You might have to do more messy buns depending on how much hair you have, but each should be about half a handful.

    Now good luck going to sleep, but they need time to dry so it's the easiest option.

    In the morning try to wait to take them down as the very last thing. If you can help it, do not shower again cause the humidity will wreak havoc on the hair. Before you take them down poke a finger in them to check and make sure they are mostly dry(the roots are allowed to be a little wet). Take the scrunchies out and mess your hair around until its how you like it.

    The hardest part is getting a good messy bun technique. Not everybody can do them I suppose, but I like the say it makes my hair all wavy and curly.

    It's about the only hair trick I know, so I hope it works.

    Good luck!


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  • I use frizz ease's dream curls, and it doesn't make my hair sticky at all! Maybe you are using too much? Here I will give you the play by play of what I do haha..:

    1. Take shower

    2. Flip my head upside down and shake it out

    3. I do NOT brush or comb it

    4. With my head still upside down, I squeeze/scrunch it

    4. I then tilt my head to either side while scrunching it

    5. I continue until my hair feels a little bit more dry

    6. I then use a little pump of link

    7. And continue scrunching...

    8. When it is close to being dry, spray a little of link (im talking like 2 sprays per side here!)

    9 I then rub a little of #6 on my hands so it won't frizz out when I scrunch it more

    10. It should be dry except for my roots...which I am annoyed by.

    11. I continue to scrunch until they are dry, and then I add some shine serum and its perfect!

    From there you will have dry curls, but if you want the wet look, you will have to use like scrunch spray or mousse...and those do get sticky!

  • If you don't have some good natural curl in your hair thaan it will be kinda hard. You can always when your washing and drying your hair flip your head over and use a scrunching motion to do all of this. They will stay curly if you don't brush it ande keep drying it with a towl scrunching it. When its still just half damp use just a little moose and it scrunch into it but just a little so it doesn't get hard lol. Don't use a blow dryer. Then let it air dry...

    It works for me but just a sugestion.

  • loreal has "clean" gel, that is low in fragrance and stuff that can dull your hair...after I shower, I scrunch it with a towel. then I take a nickel sized blob of gel, and spread it in my hands and with my head flipped over scrunch the gel into my're probably getting the crunchiness because you're using to much, so try just cutting down on the amount of gel you are using...

  • i only use a really wide tooth comb, never a brush and leave in conditioners. just a dab of anti- frizz or curling product.

  • Use mousse

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