Do drug stores sell BB Cream?

I would like to get some magic BB Cream to cover dark circles, reduce pore size and cover up mild breakouts, however I'm not sure where the best place to buy it is...I want to buy it in store, cheap in order to find the right shade rather than online


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  • Your best bet is to search around. Browse the aisles because I'm pretty sure basic skin companies (like loreal, etc) all have some type of cream like that.


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  • UM as far as I know in the US the one that came out recently is a garnier one the rest you can find online :)

  • Some big drug stores sell BB cream, but not so many kinds for choices. And for its good quality, maybe the price is high. I would love to buy BB cream online, sometimes in the holiday season, it will meet discount or give me gift. :)


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