Do girls like guys who look younger than their age or not?

I am 17 and I look like I'm 13 or 14 but alittle muscular tho some girls and a lot of girls around 14,15 come on to me and it gets agervating cus I can't find no one my age or they don't belive me and then some do like it so what is it?


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  • Well are you baby faced or do you literally look 14? There's a difference. As long as you don't have a body of a 14 year old, you're fine. A lot of girls like baby faced guys (me). Don't stress, but just a heads up. The kind of girls who are probably going to go for you are on the shyer side of things so they won't ever come on to you. You'll have to learn to be a bit more of a ladies man.

    • thanks I have more of a younger looking baby face

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  • Sorry but no, I like guys who look my age. It might work in your favor when you're older though.


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  • My body looks my age, but my face looks younger 3-4 year younger than I am

    • same thing with me too

    • well you need to sport a facial hair if you wanna get rid of the baby face look, I am in my late 20's and my face looks like I am 24-25,my body gives my real age as I am well built

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