Girls find me pretty but guys don't! Wtf?

Some girls tell me I'm a cutie/ attractive girl. And girls often think I'm concurrence for them and steal their boyfriends but that's not true (I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend). But guys never tell me I'm pretty or approach me. Maybe when they're drunk or some jerks. Why is that?


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  • How do you know guys don't find you pretty? Did they say you're ugly? No? Then perhaps, they are intimidated by your looks.


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  • only being attractive doesn't get you a guy ,you need to be outgoing too and most of the guys of your age group prefer a hottie over a cutie

  • Maybe your pretty enough where they think you will just turn them down because they think they aren't good enough looking for you and would rather not be rejected at all would be my guess

  • You can always date a girl

    Seriously just post a pic of yourself and we'll let you know its the only way.

    • Im hetero. And I won't post a picture.

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    • Ive been told I look a bit like Leighton Meester, Olivia Palermo, Mila Kunis, Sinead Oconnor. Lol

    • Leighton Meester -HOT

      Olivia Palermo - HOT

      Mila Kunis - HOT

      Sinead Oconnor - Not hot reminds me of a lesbian even though she's straight I think.

      WEll I think your hot based on those results just don't have short hair so you don't look like Sinead lol.

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  • Girls tend to have higher standards for a girl being pretty, so if girls think you're pretty enough to steal their boyfriend I think guys must think you're pretty too. But they probably are too scared to approach you because you may not come off open to them. If you're really shy or don't talk to guys then this is probably why they don't tell u

    • not true girls call even average girls pretty. they don't have high standards even look at the guys they date they are jerks.

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