Honestly, what's with guys?

So as much as It annoys me when people ask what's wrong with them, this is kinda getting annoying.

I've never really dated, I'm definately experienced just not with actually dating somebody. People apon people have told me I'd be a great catch. I'm super friendly, outgoing, laid back and attractive*apperently haha*. I'm not a complete high maintance person, but I do want someone who can take care of me*not money wise more so emotionally*. But yet things never advance with guys, I get to the point where I met them, we talk for a while and than it kinda fades away, Or I actually sorta hang out with them but than It just stops. Its gotten to a point where I kinda doubt myself. Which I've never done before at all, I always thought I was a great person, but really why can't guys seems to see that. Its actually gotten to a point where my friends comment both guys and girls about how messed up my love life always seems to turn out, and I asked what I do to make it that way and they see nothing I would be doing and blame in on guys being jerks but really they all can't be like that?

So its gotten to the point where a self confident person is starting to be a little too self concious about what type of person I am and if I'm going to be good enough ever.

So what's up with guys? Or are looks really all that matter that the good girls miss out?

Moral is, id be a pretty cocky bastard to go out and tell this kinda of stuff to abunch of random guys I hardly know, and really I'm not. I'm listing all this off now for the sake of the question. and not once did I say I was a failure for this!


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  • So what's up with guys?

    The common demenator is you, not half the worlds population. From the post above (I know its not that much to make a bases on but, its all I've got.) You do sound to be coming on a bit strong. It could sound like you're not confiendent but have a increased value of your own self worth. i.e " I'm super friendly, outgoing, laid back and attractive" or " I always thought I was a great person,"

    it could be said you sound demanding "I do want someone who can take care of me emotionally." (I call that high maintaince, if a girl told me that, Id think I would not have a girl friend but a psychology patient)

    I don't think your doing anything that wrong, you just need to tone it down a knoch. Don't come on so strong or try to present your self so aggressively.

    Oh , and one more thing, you 19. Guys are not the be all and end all of the world (infact were pretty shit) Not having a Boyfriend doesn't make you a failure, it just makes you not get a valentine present.

    • First off it be a bit exterm for me to go off stating all those things on a daily basis. I don't go around telling guys I'm this amazing person, I just think I am and know I am and I don't think I need to tell people I am cause if they think it they see it themselves. And that list I rambled off was a list from other people not me..kinda the point of the so I'm told at the end.....

      needing a person emotionally doesn't mean I'm going to bit about my problems its someone who able to be a support system

    • Apologies for getting in wrong. If you're not coming on a bit strong, then its just the guys. At a young age all guys are superficial, and only interested a girls looks.

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  • You sound like a really great person to be with and just fool around, now if you just wouldn't be that big.

    • Big?as in fat?

      I'm 5'7 and about 140 pounds..how does that classify as big....if your judging by my picture which is from the chest up I have chubby cheeks and I'm a e cup... but I never think of myself as fat...thanks for that confidence booster douche

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    • The fact that I'm defending pretty much women in general to doesn't mean I lack self esteem, jerks like you is why people have eating disorders. I'm a pretty self confident person and exercise pretty regularly. You need to grow some balls and stop hiding behind your annoymous comments. You obviously have unrealistic views of women miost likely for the fact that your unhappy with yourself or you wouldn't be calling people obese who arent

    • Less bitching, more working out.

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  • Looks definitely make a huge difference. Your age is from 18-24, right? Most guys that age don't care if you're Mother Teresa, if you don't turn them on physically they aren't gonna want to date.