Can you perm your hair even if your hair is knotted?

i recently took down my micro braids and it took me a week to take them down lol. now my hair is knotted up and I really need a perm because of all this new growth and tangling. is it safe to get a perm


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  • Girly,didnt you ask this question like three times now?!?Im sure your hair isn't that bad.So again...NOOOOO do not perm your hair...Unless you want bigger hair problems.I think you want a different answer or someone to tell you to do it.But that would just be awful advice from someone with complete inexperience.Maybe you should seek advice from a professional.Like call up a salon and as someone with a license. I've never taken my braids out,and then immediately tried to perm my hair.Your hair is already in a fragile state.But I would advise conditioning the heck out of it!It sounds like that's what it needs.And I think the real issue is that you just don't know how to deal with your hair texture like a lot of african American women.It helps a great deal to educate yourself about your own hair.There is tons of information on the internet concerning the dos and donts for your hair.

    When you perm your hair,you have damaged all of it.So anything you do afterward is basically...damage control.So whatever you do to you hair needs to be thought out and strategic.Not impulsive just because you don't know how to deal with other hair textures other than...straight.

    • i can perm my hair I just have to get the knots out of my hair my micros been down for a week now there just been completely done for 3 days my hair is a disaster without a perm I had the braids in since August ain't nun in my head but full of new growth

    • I know you CAN perm it,but it doesn't mean it's the best decision...thats what most of your answers have been thusfar.And I don't even think it's healthy to have braids in that long in the first place,in fact I'm almost sure it isn't.And the tangles you are experiencing is due to the two different textures,the meeting of the two.But this is my opinion.Youre going to do what you want anyway,however it would be more advantagious if you just looked this up online.good luck.

    • ya you can have micro braids up that long and OK thanks

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  • call a salon and ask if its okay and ask about how much damage there would be. theyre proffessionals and theyd know better. also try a detangler and when your in the shower with your hair slicked back with conditioner try to comb it through with your fingers.

    • tried that lol that didn't work I hate my hair is coarsed like this ugh

    • a salon may be able to detangle it

  • Yes. Techniacally you can, but it would be best to wait about another week. Your hair is knotted so in order to put the perm in you'll have to loosen those knots which is going to stress your hair. Putting a perm on top of stressed knotted hair is going to damage it. I know it's difficult to manage the hair while it's not permed but try waiting at least another week before you get a perm, it'll be worth it.

    • i tired putting conditioner on there that didn't work lol my hair is real coarsed lol

    • Aww yeah :( Me too! It's difficult! Maybe just wash it and go to a salon and see what theyysuggest. If you go in they could actually look at your hair and see whether or not it's in a healthy state to get permed.

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