Ladies, which man is more worthless to you?

I found a question about girls who hate fat guys or find fat guys ugly and thought I could expand on the idea.

One of questions that intrigued me was, "When using the statement, "Fat people never take care of their body."

- What if a guy is working out, and is taking care of his body and not getting results quickly. (I workout hard 4-5 times a week and diet and I'm healthy, but still fat) Is he as equally worthless as lazy fat people?

"What about fit or skinny people who never take care of their bodies because they have a high metabolism? Are they as worthless as fat people or do you break your own logic because he's not fat."

I have this similar situation. I'm chubby and tall I work out hard and diet to try to lose weight, so girls can find me attractive. I already lost 35 pounds and it's NOT enough, even though I get passive compliments.

I have a friend who is lazy (physically, not in job status) and eats poorly and retains an underwear model body. The only blow back he had from this behavior was having some acne (face and body) but now that's clearing up. I resent and envy my friend.

So girls who find overweight men ugly. When using your logic on how fat guys don't take care of their bodies? Would you break your logic when you consider my friend?


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  • I don't find overweight men ugly, they're just not attractive to me. It's great if he's taking steps to get in shape though, and it looks better than someone who doesn't work on their body, eats a lot of unhealthy food, and will probably end up with heart disease someday.

    • 1) What's the difference between unattractive and ugly?

      2) So my friend still has an advantage over me...for now.

    • 1) Ugly would mean your face looks bad, I'm just not attracted to overweight body types. Your face could look very handsome for all I know. There are many girls who would have no issue dating an overweight guy though. I'm only one girl.

      2) Maybe with girls (for the moment), but in terms of health and overall happiness in the future, you do.

  • I go by what the guy looks like. I've seen some overweight guys who are attractive and some guys who are buttafaces (nice body, bad face). However what is most important to me is muscle mass. A slobby jiggly fat guy is just unattractive. It's nice that he's taking steps to lose weight, good do that for you, but at the present moment if I don't find him attractive then I just don't find him attractive. Everyone has worth and value that doesn't mean I'll be attracted to you and vice versa we all have different tastes. To be honest if you're asking the fit guy who doesn't take care of his body is winning compared to the fat guy who does because the fat guy is still fat. But in several months when he loses the weight then the formerly fat guy will be healthier and equally nice body.

    • I have muscles and fat. Some are even visible. Unfortunately I gain muscle faster than I lose fat. I guess that's a non factor.

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