Guys, can a girl's style be charming?

I'm not talking about fashion; I'm talking about style.

Fashion is fade. Style is forever.

Fashion is trends and imitation. Style is individuality.

I've heard guys on here say that they could care less, but considering all of the situations I've seen and experienced where a 'wow dress' or an interesting composed look is what initially caught the guy's eye. Yes, personality is the most important part to someone. Yet, if you're in a huge crowd in the city, or at a party, it's unrealistic for personality to be the first thing that's noticed.

There are some styles on men that I think are just so charming and smooth. Outfits that really flatter his body type. For example, simple black pants, a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and some suspenders. There's something about that look that just has this charm! :D I just love it. Something about the dress shirt tucked in can show how broad a man's shoulders are and make his pecs. There's just something about that look that's very inviting.

Do you know what I mean here? What outfits do you think are charming and have this inviting, yet classy look about them? What is your opinion on this topic?


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  • There is definitely a difference between STYLE and FASHION. And, yes, I believe that a girl's style can be attractive, where her fashion won't mean a whole lot to me.

    I'll give you an example; a radical one.

    I don't normally like tattoos or piercings on a girl. I can accept them most of the time, but given the choice, I'd prefer she didn't have them. BUT... I can be VERY attracted to a "Suicide Girl" (if you don't know about the website, it's a site with sexy pictures of "punk rock" or "alternative" girls, most of whom have tattoos, piercings, wild hair colors and styles, etc.). It's because those tattoos and piercings are part of a whole look and lifestyle, and when packaged all together, don't look out of place.

    Different girls have different styles that work for them (and some that clearly DON'T work for them), so, yes, I definitely agree that her style is important, while her fashion isn't nearly so.

    • :) lovely answer. Style is a fun way to express who you are and what you're feeling

  • This is difficult because I usually don't think of women's fashion in terms of charm, but when I think of charming women's clothing, I guess I think of something which has an innate feeling outside of hotness or beauty or prettiness, etc. I guess for me, charming outfits would be a classical silk dress that is relatively simple and form hugging or an intricately-designed traditional kimono or a classy fine silk chipao (not those tacky ones). So, yeah I do think there are outfits that have a kind of charming, inviting, classiness about them. Out of interest what would you consider charming in terms of women's outfits?

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      I don't know if you can see them, they're from Facebook; leggings made from an actual picture of scuba diving where you can see coral and beautiful fish with...


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    • btw, thank you for the compliments :)

    • hahaha, well I hoped you'd have more of a wardrobe than just those 3 to combine them with. :P Anyway, I only said what I felt.

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