I wanna get a tattoo...

But I'm not exactly sure what to get

I'm gonna get it after I turn 18 though and out of the house so my parents don't bust a metaphorical nut

Any ideas?

I've been told by like two people that I couldn't pull off a tattoo

But I have a friend who wants to be a tattoo artist and she says that she could totally see me with one

What tattoos do you have if you have any at all, and do you think I could pull of a tattoo?
I want the awesome tattoo that the guy from Beastly had on his wrist


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What Girls Said 1

  • Get one with meaning.

    There isn't anything worse then ending up with this permanent mark that means absolutely nothing. You'll likely end up hating it as you get older too.

    Try to find something that means a lot to you, or represents something / someone that means a lot to you, and think of a creative way to depict it.

    I'm still brainstorming mine so there's no rush to get it ASAP.

    Make sure it's what you really really want first, because it's there for good.


What Guys Said 1

  • get one that you can easily hide. That way you won't have to worry about it in interviews later in life. Also if you end up regretting it, you don't have to show it off all the time.

    Also get something meaningful to you that you know will never change. You know, like the name of a loved one or a part of your heritage or religion. I've seen some kids with stupid giant blink 182 tattoos and sh*t like that. Imagine how they'll feel ten years from now hahaha.


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