Have fun on the No Pants Subway Ride?

Did you have fun on the No Pants Day this year? I had an awesome time. Met a few girls, and took a few pantless pictures with them after riding on the train with them. Did you participate this year? Have fun? Any funny underwear?


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  • What is that? And how common is it?

    • It's an event that happens all around the world once a year... in January. An organization called "Improv Everywhere" gather groups of people at different locations around the city, make plans for who will take their pants off at what subway station, and get off at which station to stand on the platform and get onto the next train. All groups meet at once station at the end. You can read about it on their website. There are official videos on YouTube. Find ImprovEverywhere on YouTube.

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    • Of course they do. It's illegal to ride the subway naked... but it's okay to do it without your pants... on "No Pants Day". If you check out the YouTube account of Improv Everywhere, there is a "No Underwear Subway Ride" which was censored. Then, a week later, they uploaded the uncensored version. And hahaha, they were all wearing the same exact underwear. Why? Because it's illegal to ride the subway naked.

    • lol just checking! Well it sounds amusing...sucks for those in cold places!

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  • Can you tell me why there is a no pants day? lol. Isn't that a bit unsanitary on a subway?

    • The whole point of this event is to make people laugh. And to see what reactions you will get from different people. I find it very interesting to see how different people react when they see someone taking their pants off on a train. It's not meant to offend anyone. The cops know about it, and are okay with it so there is no risk of getting charged, or warned. It's just fun.

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  • ughh the no pants subway ride annoys me. but that's probably just the old man in me coming out

  • I rubbed my balls all over everything.


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