What do men (all races) think when you see a black women with long curly natural hair?

I'm west african but go to university in the us, I am wondering what men think because all I see is stares. And few smiles from women. My hair of 4inches away from my butt.
What will be males first thoughts. I'm well manner, educated, very attractive , nia long complexion ect.


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  • Nice

    Vey nice

    Of course it also matters what the hair is framing (your face)

    • Well it is jet black now with dark brown highlights, and to me its a longer version of scary spice from the spice girls. Laughing but serious

    • Spice girls?

      I prefer single colored hair

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  • It's unique to see someone of African decent with really long hair so.

    Exotic and pretty. I'm guessing that's why all the girls stare.

    And hate too.


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