Why do unattractive people have such a high demand?

I been talking with some of my friends about preferences.Yes I know every of us have our own taste but I notice that most of the unattractive people have a very high expectations on something.Some of their demand are too much that even attractive person don't expect to get it.The one that are good looking one are more down to earth and less picky.


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  • Yeah this girl I like who is unattractive physically does not like me back, and I am attractive physically and so she has high expectations.

    Good logic.

  • First of all, I love how you're hiding behind the anonymous option. Very thoughtful of you!

    Second of all, who made you all knowing about who is attractive and who isn't?

    Third off, it's girls like you that make me want to give up on women. You're pathetic!

    • and you are expressing your frustation to women on GAG just because of your terrible personal life.I am anon because I can and so are you.If you want to give up on women its your life to face the loneliness,not me.

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    • Yes you are not...So,do you still want to give up on women?

    • Unless you change your attitude, yes

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