I have an industrial piercing question...

I want to get my cartlege pierced at claires with a gun then after it heals go to a tattoo shop and have them pierce the other part of an industrial piercing so will they do it?


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  • You should learn how to spell the procedure that's going to be performed on you. lol

    Oddly, it all makes sense, though.


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  • NO. don't go to claires. don't get it done with a gun. simple as that.

    any piercer who even offers to do it with a gun should be ignored. its a serious risk, you have a much higher risk of infection, continous pain, aswell as cartilage shattering and collapsing. go to an experienced tattoo/piercing place and get it done with a needle properly. my friends did it with a gun, it was swollen badly and painful for weeks. form what I remember, they will usually do I the both at the same time, so that they will be measured and lined up properly at the right angles.


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