What is your favorite style of men's watch?

Ladies - What is the most attractive style of wristwatch to see on a guy?

Guys - What is your favorite style of wristwatch?


Analog Sport - The face of the watch uses a traditional ticker with moving hands, but the rest of the watch looks more functional than decorative. It looks very durable and usually industrial in styling, is typically made to be waterproof, and looks as though it was built to survive a bomb blast. The band is usually made of rubber or nylon.

Explain why you like the one you like, please :)

Digital sport - Same as analog sport but with a digital face and usually a wider variety of added features thanks to the computerized digital interface.

Stylish analog - Traditional analog clock face, rest of the watch looks more as though it is supposed to be a fashion statement than it is about function. Often has jeweled bands made of gold or silver or white gold or other precious metals.

Stylish digital - Rare but they exist. Same as stylish analog with a digital face.
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  • I prefer an analog sports watch with moving hands, rotating bezel and day date but the mechanical day/date can only be waterproof if they have a screw down crown and then they can get very expensive, like $ 5,000 + for a good Oyster from Rolex

    Thus I'm using a digital sports watch I received sometime for free from Time Magazine.

    If it breaks down nothing is lost.

    If you want a good AND cheap digital sports watch , there's the Casio F91W but beware!

    Read this: link and link

    • You can get a seiko mechanical with screw down crown, day/date, automatic for under $200. I have a cheap seiko and the thing runs within 1s/day, which is frankly outrageous for a $100 watch.

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    • I meant I loOked for an equation of time application for my iPhone and couldn't find one. I'll have to grow it out and stick with a watch. I'll have to sell my hoUse to get that watch mind you...

    • For the price of an iPhone you can buy a few watches, but not hand made Swiss chronometers.

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  • Antique mechanical pocket watch with gears.

    Hard to find and repair, but also a rare piece that can always be brought up in conversation. I've been trying to find one with a wined up chime crafted into the front or back of the casing.

    I saw one when I was younger and it just amazed me, but really hard to come by.

  • It depends I have a digital sport for when I want to run so I can time it, but I normally wear a Analog watch, it is kind of in between sport and stylish I would say it was inexpensive but it looks nice to me.

  • Analog sport... I don't know why but I really like analogs...I feel like digital watches are kinda for little kids, but that's just my opinion. All of the watches that I own, are analog G-shocks...

  • Hm none of those are my favorite, I prefer mechanical watches. I use Analog Sports the most because of their durability.

  • Stylish analog: Preferably thin, and not too large in diameter.

  • Not entirely sure what category to put them in, but I'm partial to Bulova and Citizen.

  • I like Luminox, Zodiac, Uzi.

    Nothing too busy, but stylish and easy to read.

  • Why isn't a jlc gyrotourbillon a poll choice?

    • Five options allowed and one had to be left for indifference.

    • Well I at least want one with equation of time. I suppose there's an app for that, but dammit, I want mechanically derived equation of time.

    • Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon one Mens Wristwatch

      Model Q6006420

      Our Price $404,000.00


  • who needs a watch when you have a cell phone?

  • People still wear watches? It's like someone asking about a typewriter. Use a cell phone to check time like most of the world does.

    • It looks more professional to have a watch.

    • They are basically jewelry now. Which is why digital watches and to a large extent quartz watches are pointless unless they are for when actually working out. But mechanical watches are the one area men can wear jewelry while still being conservative.

    • Whe I'm on the road my cell phone is usually sleeping in a drawer at home LOL

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