What do you think is a good style for me?

This question is for ladies who think they have an eye for fashion. I am constantly trying out new styles to better myself (fashion wise). My current favorite style when I go out is a fitted t-shirt and jeans. I prefer darker colors. I have a fixation with leather jackets too. Anyway, take a good look at my pictures and if you need more details I'm 5'11, have a shaved head medium athletic build broad shoulders. What do you think?


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  • First off, don't worry too much about looking fashionable and fitting in. Care more about how the style (not fashion! ) expresses your personality. Fashion is different in every circle and what would be hot at a college might look gauche at a new club, but real style looks great anywhere.

    Look for clothes that you would feel good--as in good-looking; leather jackets, not clothes you would sleep in! --even if people made fun of them. That's the key to looking great.

    A style that I would suggest would be jeans with blazers and untucked shirts, with a unique detail like awesome cuff links (I know it sounds old-fashioned, but guys seriously don't think about accessories! ) or a great tie. Use a little contrast, like using dark, frayed jeans with a preppier button-down or a pinstriped jacket with a band tee.

    Also, try looking at the photos on the most awesome blog ever, the Sartorialist--he takes pictures of well-dressed people (mostly guys) from around the world. Figuring out what you like and don't like about the world's coolest outfits will help you develop your style.


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  • Ok don't listen to anyone who basically tells you dress like everyone else. for example, the wife-beaters, basketball jerseys, Abercrombie, Hollister... NO nono! I am definitely a 'fashion' girl and personally I like guys who DON'T dress in those ways. I think it kind of makes him look like a tool =\ like when they either try to look guido or try to look preppy..too high school..

    but yeah I like what you said your current favorite style is. dark jeans are very nice. and t-shirts are good, depending which kind and what fit you want to wear for a certain day, it can portray a different mood. I love when a guy wears dark jeans with a t-shirt and a sports jacket over it.....just make sure you don't go too baggy or too metro on us! haha

  • I like either one of these looks:

    Wife beaters in gray white and black, basketball jerseys is you like that, with baggy jeans either dark or light or mix it up somedays. And a belt to keep your pants from falling completely off when you walk. And a hat like your favorite sports team.


    you can go for the abercrombie, hollister, american eagle look. It's preppy but hot get the fitted tees and then baggy jeans and shirts with rips or without.

    • I'm not a girl but dude I'd suggest seeing how Abercrombie, Hollister's and or American Eagle look on you because they have some pretty awesome clothes and styles.

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  • Don't listen to this little girl, she has no idea what a WOMAN wants.

    Baggy is not stylish in any way, it's not 1992 anymore, don't wear baggy clothes. period.

    Fitted Ts and Jeans will work, but there's not much style to them, every other dick in the club will be wearing the same thing. Try to put together a bit of style, maybe a suit vest and tie with a well fitted collared shirt (with some stripe or texture to it that is unordinary.)